EXPLORIST.life Private DIY Camper Crew
EXPLORIST.life Private DIY Camper Crew
Nate Yarbrough

EXPLORIST.life Private DIY Camper Crew

Daily (M-F) Small group DIY camper building help by Nate from EXPLORIST.life

About Me

Hey Everybody!  It's Nate from EXPLORIST.life.  I teach people how to build DIY Campers.  I'll add more to this section later as I'm in a bit of a rush to get this thing up and running, but if you've found this group; you likely already know quite a bit about me. :)

Why You Should Join Me

This private community is specifically geared toward those who want to build a DIY camper and want more personalized help from me.

I respond to blog comments, youtube comments, IG DMs, and other free public forums about once a week but I understand there are some of you who are in a bit of a time crunch and want your questions answered in a more timely fashion.

In this Private group; I will be in here at least once per day (Monday-Friday) answering ANY questions you've got about building DIY campers. 

A paid group not really your thing?  That's totally fine...  I already have, and will continue to make totally free resources on both the Youtube channel and the EXPLORIST.life website.  You've got all kinds of options for learning this stuff. :)

A Big Thanks

Lastly... Super thanks for even considering this service.  I truly love teaching people how to build stuff and this group gives me enough financial incentive to be able to pull away from doing sponsored posts, chasing videography side-hustles, and allows me to focus on those who can actually benefit from my knowledge on this subject.  I'm trying to build THE ultimate DIY camper resource and I'm humbled you are helping me achieve that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many questions can I ask in the group?

A: As many as you like! I make my rounds answering questions at LEAST once per day (usually 3 times per day, but sometimes only twice. Once per day is rare.) Mondays through Fridays (excluding holidays) answering questions. I sit down and answer until all questions have been replied to. Sometimes I can answer them the first go-around but for the questions I don't have enough info for... I'll usually ask for pictures or generally more information about your system/question. So, if you ask a question Monday - Friday, before my last question-answering session of the day on Friday, you'll get a response/answer within 24 hrs.

Q: Is this a 24/7 Chat Support with Nate?

A: No. In attempts to have a work-life balance, I do have standard business hours. Here's how it works: On standard US business days (M-F excluding standard holidays), I'll log in and answer every question that has been asked in the group. I'll generally answer questions at 7ish AM, Noon, and 3 pm. I'll sit down and answer questions until no questions remain and then come back at the next time slot to catch back up. That's not a hard and fast rule for my scheduling but is indeed the norm.

Sometimes I answer questions on weekends, sometimes I don't. It's not to be expected.

Q: What is the contract for this service?

A: This service is pre-paid for a month at a time with an auto-renewal. You can cancel the auto renewal at any time. There is no contract other than a month-at-a-time commitment. There is indeed an auto renewal that you will need to turn off once your questions have been answered and you are ready to leave the group.

Q: If I leave the group and come back, will my questions still be available?

A: Yes, they should be (barring any kind of weird system glitch or something). You will not have access to your questions after your membership ends, though, so if you wish to leave but want to know what we talked about, screenshots and notes are your friends here.

Q: Will the price increase while I'm a member?

A: No. Once you are a member, the monthly cost will stay the same as it was when you 'bought-in'. The cost to join may go up, which you would have to pay if you were to leave and then rejoin, but what you pay for the 1st month will be what you pay for all subsequent months given you don't cancel your membership.

Q: Can I schedule a quick phone call?

A: No. Consulting via phone is currently not a service I offer.

Q: Will you make me a custom wiring diagram?

A: No. I am currently not offering custom wiring diagrams... BUT, I have diagrams available that meet the needs of 97% of the people I come across. You can see those at https://www.explorist.life/solarwiringdiagrams . If your needs MANDATE an alteration, I can help tell you what you would need changed, but an edit of the diagrams is outside of the scope of this group.

Q: I am building a tiny house and have questions... can you help?

A: Although my specialty is in DIY campers, I can indeed answer your questions about tiny houses. Most of the systems are similar. I CANNOT advice on residential building codes though, because I am NOT a licensed electrician and because local electrical codes vary WIDELY from city to city.

Q: Can I ask questions about camper stuff that ISN'T solar?

A: Sure!!  Although my specialty is in electrical, I am more than happy to talk about plumbing, woodworking, insulation, suspensions, or whatever other kind of mods you are adding to your camper.  I just don't have many blog posts / videos about those topics (yet).

Q: Will you review a wiring diagram I've made?

A: Yes, but...  your diagram SHOULD be based off of my diagrams found at https://www.explorist.life/solarwiringdiagrams for best results. If you need me to check over minor personalized changes you've made to these diagrams; that's definitely something I can help with.

If you have made your own diagram based on a mismatch of diagrams from myself, Will Prowse and Far Out Ride; you need to come prepared with specific questions you have otherwise I'll be trying to talk you into using one of MY core diagrams that closest matches your needs and offer suggestions on personalization as needed.